A few notes about your Lishman’s Christmas order…

  • For Lishman’s news and more detail on each product please view our brochure here
  • There are very limited delivery slots available this year, but we ask you to only choose a delivery slot if you are vulnerable or self isolating
  • Local delivery this Christmas is within the following postcodes: LS29, LS20, BD17, BD18, BD16, BD10, BD20 for a charge of £5
  • Buy and freeze your trimmings, game, chicken kievs in early December. Only products on this order form can be ordered for a Christmas collection or delivery.
  • Payment is required in full when you place your order

Gift vouchers

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Lishman’s £10 voucher£10.00
Lishman’s £5 voucher£5.00


ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
The Traditional Hamper£100.00
The Hassle-Free Hamper£79.50
The Award Winner’s Hamper£250.00


Lishman’s free range bronze turkeys

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Small, 4.5kg – 5.4kg£69.00
Medium 5.5kg – 6.4kg£83.00
Large 6.5kg – 7.4kg£97.00
XL 7.5-8.4kg£111.00
XXL 8.5-9.4kg£124.50

Annabel’s farm fresh turkeys

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Small 4.5kg – 5.4kg£59.50
Medium 5.5-6.4kg£71.50
Large 6.5-7.4kg£83.50
XL 7.5-8.4kg£95.50
XXL 8.5-9.4kg£107.50

Other Turkey

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Half Turkey, Semi-boned, Annabel’s White, 2.5kg£45.90
Half Turkey- Semi-boned, Free Range Bronze, 2.5kg£53.35
Turkey Crown – Semi Boned, one size, 3-4kg£76.00
Boneless Turkey Breast Half, 1.25kg£20.00
Boneless Turkey Breast Whole, 2.5kg£39.00
Stuffed Turkey Breast Half, 1.4kg£22.00
Stuffed Turkey Breast Whole, 3kg£42.00
Turkey Legs, 4 legs£12.00
Cranberry Sauce, Cottage Delights, 220g£3.90
Temperature Probe£20.00

Homemade trimmings & accompaniments

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Chef’s Gravy, 530ml tub£3.75
Pork, Lemon, Parsley & Thyme Stuffing, 425g£4.35
Pork, Cranberry & Sage Stuffing, 425g£4.35
Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing, 425g£4.35
Trimmings Pack£18.50
Stuffing Roulade, 12 Slices, 550g£6.00


ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Thick Champion Pork Sausages, 6£4.35
Sausage Meat, 425g£4.35
Pigs in Blankets, tray of 12£6.70
Champion Chipolata Cocktail Sausages, approx 20£4.35
Official Yorkshire Sausages, 6£4.35


ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Beef Dripping, 350g£2.50
Smoked, Diced Pancetta, 200g£4.35
Tomato Sauce, Cottage Delight, 220ml£3.35
Goldmedal Dry Cured Back Bacon, 225g£4.35
Dry Cured Smoked Bacon, 225g£4.35
Yorkshire Black Back Bacon, 225g£4.35
Traditional Streaky Bacon, 225g£4.15
Smoked Streaky Bacon 225g£4.15
Black Pudding, 300g£2.50
Free Range Eggs, 6£1.95
Breakfast Pack£21.00
Brown Sauce, Cottage Delights, 220ml£3.35
Goose Fat, 180g£2.80

Other Christmas Poultry

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
3 Bird Roast, 1.3kg – 1.5kg£32.00
Chicken Ballotine, approx 1.8kg£19.80
Medium Goose 4.5-4.9kg£77.80
Large Goose 5-5.9kg£90.00
Dry Plucked Duckling 2.5-3kg£29.80
Duck Breast, pack of 2, 450g£10.50
Confit Duck Legs, 2 legs£9.50
Farmyard Chicken 1.8-2kg£9.70
Free Range Cockerel, 3.5-4kg£35.90


ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Individual Venison Wellington£8.50
Venison Haunch, 1kg£22.00
Venison Haunch 2kg£42.00
Redcurrant Jelly, Cottage Delight, 227g£2.90

Special Roasts & Steaks


ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Half Pork Shoulder, 5kg£44.00
Quarter Pork Shoulder, 2.5kg£22.00
Porchetta, 1.75kg£28.00
Boneless Pork Loin, 1kg£13.00
Boneless Pork Loin, 2kg£26.00
Boneless Pork Loin, 3kg£39.00
Bramley Apple Sauce, Cottage Delights, 200g£3.75
English Mustard, Cottage Delights 200g£3.85


ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Full Leg of Lamb, 2.6kg£38.00
Rack of Lamb – 6 Ribs£10.90
Stuffed Saddle of Lamb – approx 2.5kg£47.50
Mint Sauce, Cottage Delight, 205g£2.90
Mint Jelly, Tracklements, 250g£3.10
Rosemary Jelly, Tracklements, 250g£3.20


ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Party Size Beef Wellington, 1kg – 1.2kg£44.00
Rib of Beef- 1 Rib, 1.4kg£36.00
Rib of Beef- 2 Ribs, 2.8kg£70.00
Rib of Beef- 3 Ribs, 4.4kg£105.00
Full House (4 Ribs), 6kg£135.00
Boneless Roasting Beef, 1kg£17.00
Boneless Roasting Beef, 2kg£34.00
Boneless Roasting Beef, 3kg£51.00
Horseradish Sauce, Cottage Delight, 200g£4.25
Chataubriand 1kg£56.00
Chataubriand 1.5kg£84.00
Rolled Sirloin 1.5kg£37.50
Rolled Sirloin 2kg£50.00
Rolled Sirloin 2.5kg£67.50
Fillet Steaks, 6oz, 2 steaks£22.50
Sirloin Steaks, 8oz, 2 steaks£15.80
Rib Eye Steaks, 8oz, 2 steaks£19.80
Salt Beef, 1kg up to 20 slices£11.50
Individual Beef Wellington£8.50
Individual Venison Wellington£8.50
Individual Veggie Wellington£4.40

Ramus Seafoods

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Smoked Mackerel, 180g£4.20
Salmon en Croute, 300g£10.85
Oak Smoked Salmon, 100g£6.29
Tomato Sauce, Cottage Delight, 220ml£3.35
The Ramus Original£50.00
The Treasure Chest£60.00
Full Side Oak Smoked Salmon, 1kg£35.00
Yorkshire Mayonnaise, 300g£5.95

Pies & Rolls

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Hog Roast Wreath, 18 Wedge£12.00
Small Pork Pie, Individual£1.55
Medium Pork Pie, 8 wedges£4.00
Large Pork Pie, 12 wedges£6.20
Pork Pie with Caramelised Apple, 8 wedges£4.80
Game Pie, 8 wedges£5.50
Sausage Rolls, Individual£1.55
Piccalilli, Cottage Delight, 280g£3.35

Starters & Canapes

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Farmhouse Pâté, 180g£3.00
Pâté de Campagne, 180g£3.00
Homemade Chicken Liver Pâté, 180g£3.90
Homemade Smoked Salmon Pâté, 180g£3.90
Homemade Stilton, Pear & Honey Pâté, 180g£3.90
Ham Hock Terrine, 180g£3.00
Home Smoked Duck Breast, 55g sliced£4.20
Home Smoked Chicken Breast, individual£3.80


Yorkshire Ham

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Quarter Gammon (Raw), 1.5kg£17.00
Half Gammon (Raw), 2.5kg£35.00
Half Glazed Horseshoe (Cooked), 1.8kg£37.00
Whole Glazed Horseshoe (Cooked), 3kg£72.00
Large Glazed Corner (Cooked), 1.4kg£32.00
Medium Glazed Corner (Cooked), 700g£18.50
Sliced Ham, 140g£3.00
Whole Gammon (Raw), 5.5kg£68.00

Marmalade Glazed Ham

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Marmalade Glazed Ham, 1.6kg, 25-30 thin slices£23.00

Smoked Ham

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Corner (Cooked), 1kg£19.50
Half (Raw), 2.5kg£38.00
Whole (Raw), 5.5kg£72.00

Ilkley Cure

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Half Horseshoe (Cooked), 1.8kg£42.00
Whole Horseshoe (Cooked), 3kg£77.00

Charcuterie & Cheese

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Button Mill Brie, 150g£5.50
Charcuterie Selection Pack£22.00
Rhuby Crumble Wensleydale, 200g£5.90
Home-cured Air Dried Ham, 55g slice£4.50
Yorkshire Coppa, 55g sliced£4.50
Yorkshire Chorizo, 55g sliced£3.60
Pork & Fennel Salami, 55g sliced£3.60
Pepperoni & Red Wine Salami, 55g Sliced£3.95
Accompaniments Pack£17.85
Cryer & Stott Cheese Selection£20.00
Northern Blue, 180g£4.75
Kick Ass Cheddar, 200g£5.00

Terracotta Dish Pies

ProductPriceQuantity & Add to Basket
Steak & Potato Terracotta Dish Pie£23.50
Chicken, Ham & Mushroom Terracotta Dish Pie£23.50
Steak, Ale & Stilton Terracotta Dish Pie£26.50
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