What is this service for?

This is for customers who cannot come into the shop. We started this when COVID arrived and it has been very successful. The local home delivery speaks for itself and with the contactless collection, you call us when you are in our car park and we will come and put your order into your car boot. You don’t need to leave your car!

As long as it is popular, we will keep this service on year round (except for over the Christmas period)

When is the last day for this service before Christmas?

The last day for will be Saturday 19th December. We will start again on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

What days can I do this?

We can deliver within the following postcodes: LS29, LS20, BD10, BD16, BD17, BD18, BD20 every Tuesday and Friday.

Alternatively, you can do a contactless car park collection on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Does this cost extra?

For our contactless collection there is no extra charge.

For home delivery it is free for orders over £70, otherwise there is a £5 charge.

What time can we collect / do you deliver?

You can collect between 8am and 4pm.

We will deliver between 9am and 6pm generally but we currently cannot give you a more accurate time. If you are going to be out, please leave a note to let our drivers know where you would like us to leave your order otherwise it will be returned to the shop for collection.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, this is £20

What if there are some items I would like to order that are not on your website?

Unfortunately, we cannot put every product on our website. For our full range of products, you would need to come into our shop. We will continue to add more products to the site throughout the year.


Where can I get a brochure?

In the shop or you can view it on our website www.lishmansbutchers.co.uk

How do I order?

Ideally order on our website www.lishmansbutchers.co.uk, but if not, you can fill a form out in the shop.

When is your last order date?

Wednesday 16th December, however some products have limited numbers and we have limited customer numbers within each time slot so we would encourage you to get your orders in early to guarantee the products and times you prefer.

Do I need to prepay?

Yes. All orders this year will be prepaid for one main reason – to speed up the collection of orders over Christmas. If you place your order online, payment will be taken immediately, if you order in the shop we will charge your card when we process your order – usually within 2-3 working days.

Can I pay later?

No, I’m afraid we need to take payment at the time of ordering. We will contact you if your payment doesn’t go through and if we cannot take payment, we will cancel the order.

Will I receive a confirmation of my order?

If you order on the website you will get an email straight away to confirm your order, date of collection, time slot and amount paid. If you order in the shop, we will email a confirmation to you within the next 2-3 working days. Please check your junk emails if you cannot find this.

What are the collection dates and times for Christmas?

22nd to 24th December but you can order online for the 21st too. We have various slots throughout the days available, each have limited customer numbers.

What if I don’t know what time I will collect?

You need to pick a time slot; this will give you an hour and three quarters to have collected within.

Can I get my order delivered?

Yes, if you are within the following postcodes: LS29, LS20, BD10, BD16, BD17, BD18, BD20. There is a charge of £5 for delivery, regardless of spend and this is for our vulnerable customers.

When are the delivery dates for Christmas?

22nd to 23rd December. We could come between 8am and 8pm however we intend to give you some warning call before we arrive. If you are not in when we deliver your order will be returned to the shop and you must collect it.

Where do I collect my order at Christmas?

It will be clearly signposted when you get to the shop but most collections will be from the wooden gates at the back of the shop, you must come within your time slot.

If you are collecting a hamper, we have a fast track queue to collect these in our car park at our production unit.

What if I am only collecting pies?

If you order is for pork pies ONLY, then please come into the shop via the door at the Bakery.

What if I don’t arrive during my time slot or on the right date?

Your order will not be ready and you will be asked to come back. The time slots are there to stagger customers due to COVID and social distancing.

Can I add or amend things on my order at a later date?

Ideally not, this makes it very difficult for us. Please order everything you need at the same time. If you want to get some extras you can stock up in the weeks leading up to Christmas as everything is suitable for freezing, or you can come into the shop once you have collected your order – however there will be limited availability over the 22nd-24th.

If this is not possible (product dependant), please speak to Emma who will try to assist where possible.

Can I change some items inside a hamper?

No, these are set products.

Can I order a hamper and other items too?

Yes, but you will need to collect your hamper in our car park and the extra items at the wooden gates at the back of the shop.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations between the 1st – 16th December will receive a 50% refund. There are no refunds available after the 17th December.

Are the products fresher if I collect on the 24th December?

No, all the turkeys have the same date for example, the only thing that will be fresher will be the pork pies. All products will have a shelf life of at least Boxing Day.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, this is £20

Can I get hot sandwiches too?

No, the last day for hot sandwiches this year will be Saturday 19th December.


Just the best quality you can wish for.

— Sarah, via facebook