Air Dried Ham


Cured from the back leg of a Yorkshire pig in a traditional York cure.
Ideal for the charcuterie board or with runny Cheese in a crispy baguette with pickles and chutney.

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Minimum 55g sliced meat.

Yorkshire Pork (95.60%), Curing Salts: (Table Salt, Preservative: E250), Seasoning: (Dextrose (Corn), Sucrose, Table Salt, Cane Sugar, Antioxidant: E301, Spices, Spice Extract), Cracked Black Pepper, Ground Coriander
NUTRITION: (Mean value per 100g) Energy 632.7kJ, Energy 150.4kcal, Fat 3.1g, of which saturates 1.0g, Carbohydrate 0.7g, of which sugars 0.7g, Protein 30.0g, Salt 3.7g
INGREDIENTS: Yorkshire Pork, Dry Cure (Preservative: E250, E252, Antioxidant: E301), Spices
Prepared with 136g meat per 100g finished product. Moisture is lost during curing and maturation